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    Other compliments that do NOT focus on appearance:

    It’s so nice to hear your laugh.
    It’s good to see you.
    I’m glad you’re here.
    That was clever.
    Great idea.
    You’re so thoughtful.
    You’re hilarious.
    You make me laugh.
    I enjoy your company.

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    the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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  3. "I am an African. The death of my brother is also my death. Let me put this question to you again, because many foolish Black middle classes, and many foolish people who are eating well think that they can sit in America, and watch this country destroy the African continent, and watch this country destroy African-Caribbeans, and watch this country destroy Africans in Central and South America, and think that these same people who destroy Africans abroad, will not be the same people who will destroy them in America."

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    New black

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  5. fatanarchy:

    Even if it’s just $5 dollars, please please help FAT YOGA online classes become a reality for yourself and for others. I know the owner and she is one of the most kind, supportive and generous women in fat positivity I have ever met. She wants to help change lives, so every little bit counts and is deeply appreciated.

    Please help and SPREAD THE WORD! =)

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  6. misunderstoodmadman:


    Impulse - $6.99

    who’s buying me this lip color?

  8. rs620:

    "Being black is not a crime." South Sudanese and Eritrean refugees protest against prosecution in Tel Aviv, Israel 

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    Dear community of friends, family, and supporters.

    We are three queer fatties of color and this will be our first time attending the Allied Media Conference. We really need your support getting there! 

    The Allied Media Conference is in Detroit, Michigan June 19th-22nd. Our workshop was accepted and we are excited to present as part of theAbundant Bodies track! We have not been in any way able to afford this conference in the past and it’s prevented us from even applying but this year we took a leap of faith and submitted a workshop proposal. Now that we have been accepted we want to make sure this dream opportunity becomes a reality.

    The cost for the three of us to attend is pretty immense, especially considering our limited and different economic resources. We anticipated being able to cover a portion of the cost but we will need your help to get all three of us there. We hope that our vibrant community of fatties, QTPOC, friends and family will help us make this trip possible. 

    We need help covering the following costs:

    Plane tickets $1800 (flights from Portland to Detroit are ~650 and flights from Salt Lake City are ~$550)
    Housing $500 (we found an airbnb across the street from the university that would allow us to room together and cook meals to save money)
    Transportation/taxis $100
    Registration $150 (we were awarded an additional $150 from AMC to use towards registration but we would like to contribute more to the conference beyond that amount)

    Trip Total 2550 + ~150 for indiegogo fees

    Grand total 2700

    Anything we raise here above and beyond this amount will go towards food and supplies for our workshop and our rewards offered here. 

    If you can’t donate (and we totally understand that many folks won’t be able to), we hope that you will still support us by spreading the word or consider donating items/skills that we can add to our rewards offered.

    We do this work to leave evidence of ourselves, those of us who are simultaneously unseen and hypervisible in our queer, fat, brown bodies. Please help us in doing this work!

    Thank you! 

    Cory, Jess, and Esther 

    (read more about us and our workshop at the link!)

    [Image of three fat folks of color next to the link.]

    One of these fat folks of color is a mod for this blog! Please help these three fat folks of color make it to the Allied Media Conference. Donate or reblog please! Fat people color talking about visibility is important work!

    http://con-or-bust.org/ - great group. Usually helps fund POC for sci-fi/fantasy stuff but may make an exception? 

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll check that group out!

    Thanks for the signal boost lipstick-feminists (Nina)!

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