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    At 10:30 a.m. today, 10/1/12, there was a knock on my closed office door at my job at the Writing Program at Syracuse University. When I opened the door, a man in a suit asked if he could come in and talk to me—without identifying himself in any way.

    When I refused, he pulled out an ID/badge container, flipped that open, and flashed a Federal Bureau of Investigation card with shield. He claimed he wanted to question me about a “former student.”

    I stated that I did not wish to speak to him, and closed the door. The movements in struggle over the decades have taught me not to speak to the FBI under any circumstance.

    For more information about knowing your rights and what to do if the FBI knocks, see the Center for Constitutional Rights guide:

    “If An Agent Knocks”    http://ccrjustice.org/ifanagentknocks

    The FBI has targeted progressive activists over many, many decades, including Civil Rights activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; the lesbian grand jury resister Susan Saxe; and, more recently, anti-war and labor activists in Minneapolis. (http://www.stopfbi.net/)

    I’ve also learned from the struggle over the decades that letting people know what’s happening helps us all be strong and prepared.

    Feel free to share this information widely.

    Thanks Roy! Good info folks—especially with McCarthyism tactics/arrests re-appearing these days. 

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    George Carlin said this place has become a nation of snitches .
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