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    Call and demand that The Florida Room take down this offensive sign. 1 because its rude to call the Maya “ancient people” 2. Telling the Maya to suck it is pretty fucked up.

    Call them: (503) 287-5658

    Visit them: 435 N. Killingsworth Portland, Oregon 97217

    We got to make this happen folks!

    Let’s make sure this Portland bar understands that you can’t use brown people as the punchline of their joke. 

    Please call/FB and signal boost!

    (also, this is the correct post so please delete any reblogs that have an OP/source that is not thistheshitidontlike)

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    I moved away from portland cause its a white hipster playground. people need to check their privilege. the sign at the...
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    I commented on something on facebook (why do I ever go on facebook?) because people were saying it’s okay to be racist...
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    do it do it do it do it do it
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    are you fucking joking omfg
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    jesus christ this is the stupidest damn thing
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    are you people seriously whinging about this? only on tumblr…
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    Pacific Northwest where poor whites ran out of colored people to hate and instead of turning that hate on the rich white...
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    I found this funny. Th fact they have a sense of humor about the world ending makes it even better. You guys are workin...
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    As a trans lesbian woman of color who actually lives in Portland…no, Portland is full of both racism and homophobia....
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    I’m really pretty confused right now.
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