Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents


Well take a look at this :)

Yeah yeah! Having lesbian moms fucked me up just like any set of parents could have;) Queer parents and queer kids, representing! Familias de Joteria presente! 

Also this article is really well written/researched! 


there should be a ‘things white people say to mixed people video.


“so what are you?”

“why is your skin so light if you’re a quarter _____ and a quarter _______”

“so your mom is ______ and your dad is ____? whaaat?”

“that’s so conFUSING!!?!”

if you really wanna make it good, add in mixed ADOPTED folks. 

“wait what do you mean you don’t have a dad? ohhhh i’m SO sorry”

“where are your parents from? oh you’ve never met your biological parents”


I was just thinking about all the videos like these needed—mixed, adopted, mexican, fair, queer…

I really want one for queer spawn/kids of queers. 

Things heternormative/nosey people say to queer spawn:

  • So wait, you have two what?
  • So like did you moms used to bone men before each other?
  • How were you made?
  • Do you know your dad?
  • Were you a back seat baby?
  • Which one of your moms is like your dad?
  • Are you a lesbian?—like doesn’t it rub off on you?
  • So was there a turkey baster involved?
  • Did you ever want a dad?
  • What if you sleep with your sibling, like what if your dad has other kids?
  • Who taught your brother manly stuff?
  • So your brother is only half related so he isn’t your real brother right?
  • So were you adopted then?
  • I know someone who has two dads—do you know them?
  • So how did it go?/How was it? (whole childhood).
  • Which one is your “real” mom—like who is actually your mom?
  • What do you mean your mom is genderqueer like it’s your mom right, a girl! 
  • DId you grow up on a commune?
  • That explains everything!

And so so so many more. 

I resisted saying anything about the Zach Wahls/”Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got” video shared so widely. But this article says everything I was feeling.

As a queer spawn, the external public pressure to be normal and not be “influenced” by my queer parents was immense. As a 2nd gener, as someone who experienced abuse from a family member, as a poor and multiracial family, etc, I always felt like I failed at being a queer spawn kid, until the last few years that is. Queer families are dynamic and do radically change the children involved, as do all parents and all families, and I am grateful for my queer family everyday—thank god they influenced me!

The lies I told to protect the image of inconsequential queerness/queer families were heavy on me growing up, with pressure from both right and left political dialogues. I get what this video is trying to do but instead of saying “I survived unscathed” how about queerspawns start saying “I excelled because I was raised queerly.” Sigh, I don’t want this for any other queer spawn. Please just read this.