1. Dear community of friends, family, and supporters.

    We are three queer fatties of color and this will be our first time attending the Allied Media Conference. We really need your support getting there! 

    The Allied Media Conference is in Detroit, Michigan June 19th-22nd. Our workshop was accepted and we are excited to present as part of theAbundant Bodies track! We have not been in any way able to afford this conference in the past and it’s prevented us from even applying but this year we took a leap of faith and submitted a workshop proposal. Now that we have been accepted we want to make sure this dream opportunity becomes a reality.

    The cost for the three of us to attend is pretty immense, especially considering our limited and different economic resources. We anticipated being able to cover a portion of the cost but we will need your help to get all three of us there. We hope that our vibrant community of fatties, QTPOC, friends and family will help us make this trip possible. 

    We need help covering the following costs:

    Plane tickets $1800 (flights from Portland to Detroit are ~650 and flights from Salt Lake City are ~$550)
    Housing $500 (we found an airbnb across the street from the university that would allow us to room together and cook meals to save money)
    Transportation/taxis $100
    Registration $150 (we were awarded an additional $150 from AMC to use towards registration but we would like to contribute more to the conference beyond that amount)

    Trip Total 2550 + ~150 for indiegogo fees

    Grand total 2700

    Anything we raise here above and beyond this amount will go towards food and supplies for our workshop and our rewards offered here. 

    If you can’t donate (and we totally understand that many folks won’t be able to), we hope that you will still support us by spreading the word or consider donating items/skills that we can add to our rewards offered.

    We do this work to leave evidence of ourselves, those of us who are simultaneously unseen and hypervisible in our queer, fat, brown bodies. Please help us in doing this work!

    Thank you! 

    Cory, Jess, and Esther 

    (read more about us and our workshop at the link!)


  2. And When You Leave, Take Your Pictures With You

    By Jo Carrillo

    Our white sisters
    radical friends
    love to own pictures of us
    sitting at a factory machine
    wielding a machete
    in our bright bandanas
    holding brown yellow black red children
    reading books from literacy campaigns
    holding machine guns bayonets bombs knives
    Our white sisters
    radical friends
    should think

    Our white sisters
    radical friends
    love to own pictures of us
    walking to the fields in the hot sun
    with straw hat on head if brown
    bandana if black
    in bright embroidered shirts
    holding brown yellow black red children
    reading books from literacy campaigns
    Our white sisters
    should think again.
    No one smiles
    at the beginning of a day spent
    digging for souvenir chunks of uranium
    of cleaning up after
    our white sisters
    radical friends.

    And when our white sisters
    radical friends see us
    in the flesh
    not as a picture they own,
    they are not quite sure
    they like us as much.
    We’re not as happy as we look

    “And When You Leave, Take Your Pictures With You,” published in This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, 2nd ed., 1983


  3. Píntame una mujer peligrosa

    Píntame una mujer peligrosa
    una que coma culebras
    una que ladre
    que se peine la barba
    una mujer con la vagina violada
    con las tetas caídas
    una que singue y goce
    una que tenga cucarachas aladas
    al lado de la cama

    píntamela para poder mirarme al espejo

    Tatiana de la Tierra


  4. autobiograficando

    soy mono cósmico azul
                     hago monerías y no me importa
    estoy obsesionada con el chamanismo
                      y el camino multicolor de la tierra
    me la paso canturreando todo el día
                        hasta le canto a los tubos de mi sangre
    me fascina la realidad
                          intento escribir mis verdades
    soy espiritual pero no pertenezco a ningún grupo
                          la diosa soy yo
    quiero vivir del aire y la tierra
                          pero no sé sembrar ni un pepino
    disfruto los placeres de la lengua
                          lo cual puede ser interpretado de todas las maneras
    disfruto los placeres de mi cuerpo
                           aunque a veces estoy hecha un zapato
    una delicia:  manejar rápido en el autopista
                             retumbando con la música
    detesto los deportes, la gritería, el imperialismo y el mugre
                             quiero ser payaso
    me encantan los abanicos colgantes
                           no aguanto el calor
    soy piedra, amo las piedras y tengo muchas piedras
                           quiero aprender a silbar como un pájaro
    quiero Colombia, malocas, sonajas y moras
                              todo el día pienso en los sueños de la noche

    —Tatiana de la Tierra

    Pajarito: Regáleme Una Canción

    (Source: labloga.blogspot.com)

  5. [Image of Lucille Clifton’s poem “won’t you celebrate with me”

    won’t you celebrate with me
    what i have shaped into
    a kind of life? i had no model.
    born in babylon
    both nonwhite and woman
    what did i see to be except myself?
    i made it up
    here on this bridge between
    starshine and clay,
    my one hand holding tight
    my other hand; come celebrate
    with me that everyday
    something has tried to kill me
    and has failed.
    —Lucille Clifton]

    This poem has left me in tears. Lucille Clifton’s poetry renders me raw every single time. 


  6. My bones ache in anticipation of the journeys I must take. I could say the same of my heart.


  7. My dear friend Leah (a super rad qpoc nurse who has done past work with Decolonize Portland and Critical Resistance) is doing a cross country bike trip in part to raise money for No More Deaths, an organization that supports border work and the safety of those crossing who experience great risk and danger doing so.

    This is a matter close to my heart, as you all know, and I am so proud of my friend for doing this fundraiser. We may not all have money to give but if you can all help spread the word, I would really appreciate it.

    If you want to learn more about No More Deaths, I recommend checking out the info and links in this fundraiser link.

    To a world without borders and racial violence!

  8. Friend date look.

    I want to wear black lace and red lipstick.every day.

  9. My new favorite poem. Lucille Clifton is undeniably amazing. 

  10. I used to hate my arms and always cover them.

    Glad I got over that bullshit.