1. Dear White Girls,

                              Halloween approaches and so does the time in which you start thinking that dressing up like Dia de los Muertos or a calaca or a calavera is a good idea. I know I know, it’s so pretty and ethnic and easy to paint on (yeah, no) but you need to stop. If I see anyone on tumblr or out and about in the real world, I reserve the right to call you a cultural appropriator, make you uncomfortable in your decision, and to publicly shame you for participating in racism. 

    Have questions?—go here and here for answers. 




  2. Does anyone know the title for the documentary about a group of white Europeans that decide to learn and practice the language and customs of a native American tribe and then they fly the tribal leaders out who eventually give their blessings?

    I can’t find info on this documentary anywhere and its been years since I’ve seen it.



  3. I really want to make little handouts on racism/cultural appropriation that I can hand out/glue to things/leave with strangers as Halloween approaches.

    Anyone have a really succint racism 101/cultural appropriation link. Something that might be under 200 words and is directed at the ignorant audience. I’m picturing a quarter sheet or even a business card handout with tiny print bullet pointing why racist outfits are wrong, and something on the back like one of the white cultural appropriation headdress images.  

    I am going to look around but I thought I would ask before I start digging. 

    I’m hoping to create a pdf that I can post on here of both stickers and handouts so folks can go on the offensive with me if anyone wants. 


  4. abductedteen:

    Okay, so I kind of rambled on in a post and didn’t articulate my thoughts very well and got a lot of backlash. I’m going to try to explain again (hopefully no one will call me a white supremacist) how I really feel about cultural appropriation.
    I feel that within recent centuries the advances in…

    I assumed that when I agreed to stop so would you! 

    Rejustifying/rewording your neo-colorblind cultural jealousy and appropriation desires still means you are wrong. I’m especially upset with you after reading this! 

    Here dear, go do some reading and get off your high horse. 

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  5. OH HELL NO!!!

    I like you ASOS but this is not okay. 

    Let’s email these motherfuckers and let them know this is not okay. 

    Fucking commodifying, appropriating asses. White folks do not get to parade around in the symbolism and cultural markers of my heritage. 


  6. I can not open my Dia de los Muertos tracked tag for fear of throwing my computer.


  7. godivadarling:

    I’ve decided to respect your opinion, but strongly disagree with it.

    Nothing about wearing this makeup was mocking, degrading, oppressive, or ignorant. I didn’t paint my face like a sugar skull and walk around telling people I was dressed as a mexican, I was celebrating the imagery about death…

    I don’t have the energy to address this today. Tumblr friends? How about I adopt the culture of “Go fuck yourself” I think I love and appreciate all parts of it and would really like to rub it in your face. 

    Okay, too bitter to actually aim for educating babosas today. 

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  8. runwatchshoot:


    I hate them so much that I rarely publish any of them, and I delete some I see approved by the other mods. I do the same with tattoos of women and skulls in headdresses. I’ve ranted about all this before, but I’ve never really calmly explained it, so I’m going to try to today.

    I find it…

    Shit is getting HEATED on the notes of this post. So many people are “whole-heartedly disagreeing” with it which is just - ugh.

    I’m glad the OP brought this up on tumblr with such a large following, I’m just sad that so many of the people who are reblogging it are ignorant and racist. It’s like talking to a wall except that instead of just sitting there being stubborn, the wall is also throwing things at you.

    Try bringing up halloween costumes….smh

  9. classycoochie:





    Color pics from the Wild West shoot are up! Check my  blog for all of them!

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    casual friendship activity



    Wow, really? Appropriation for the win, I guess. Or not.

    I’m so sick and tired of people thinking it’s okay to use Native American headdresses/war paint/etc for their fucking photo shoots. White people, it is not okay. It is disrespectful. I am Native American and guess what, it would STILL be disrespectful for me to wear a Native American headdress. This kind of thing just completely strips away any meaning. 

    And it breaks my heart that it’s someone that I admire, who I thought represented my (fat) demographic. This isn’t okay. This is offensive, kind of racist, and definitely appropriative. 

    ^^ spot on.

    Conscious queers should know better. Period.

    I actually went to school with one of these people and I am wondering how receptive they will be if I ask them about this next time I see them. I believe they are pretty conscious of these issues so this surprises me. However no excuse. Kind of sad to see this coming out my own town however knowing that I really shouldn’t expect more out of this town. 

    Please do better PORK and until then I will wait to see how you make up for this. One sad indigenous woman shaking my head at you. 

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