1. Is polyamory queer?

    And I know this will depend on how you define queerness. 

    But I’m interested in your all’s thoughts. 


  2. "The California Supreme Court decided Thursday that the sponsors of Proposition 8 and other ballot measures are entitled to defend them in court when the state refuses to do so, a ruling likely to spur federal courts to decide the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans.

    The state high court’s decision, a defeat for gay rights groups,  sets the stage for a federal ruling — which could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court — that would affect marriage bans outside California.”


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    holy crap, wanna go

    yesss i just liked them TODAY!! (on facebook) but it’s also in northridge which is also in SOCAL and i’m just like mehhhh, but hopefully i can scrap up enough funds / save monayz from my job to be able to go this year. MUST ATTEND. 

    Woo, I can’t wait to go! 

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  4. it-is-real:

    Kate Lethe, the artist behind  Kate or Die tackles sexual fluidity in cartoon form in her much-needed Bisexuality Series — including the myths about monogamy and, well, existence.


    I’d like to hope that someday, it will be the opposite: saying that “LAMPS AREN’T REAL!” is as nonsensical as saying “YOUR SEXUAL IDENTITY DOESN’T EXIST”.

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    me and my beautiful ass dude

    You guyyyyssss! (Lol, I don’t know them but I wish I did.) So cute.

    there aren’t enough images like this in the world. the beauty of black men loving each other………..*happy sigh*

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  6. Queeeeeer Power.


    Ruth Ellis (1899-2000)

    She’s credited as the oldest known queer rights activist. Here’s a biography for you.

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    Read My Lips (Boys and girls)

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    People really need to understand this.

    Fuck yeah Queers!

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  9. pinkpanthers:

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”- Martin Luther King Jr. 

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    1. Reporter: "Will DOMA repeal help you legalize your status?"
    2. Me: "Uh, no. I'm queer, which for me means, having nothing to do with heteronormative institutions. Now if you will excuse me..."