1. I really miss having a community of chicana/xicana/latina/indigenous women in my life. Grateful for the folks I have but I feel like this is the one thing I left behind when I moved and still haven’t found almost two years later. I miss the charlas, the chisme, the space to feel grounded in mujerisma and xicanisma, the place to grapple with life shit, identity, and be held by the love of those who are going though it with you. 

    Portland Chicana/Xicana/Latina/indigenous women, where are you? 

  2. This post will self-destruct and no reblogs under any circumstances. That said I want to share a sneak peak at my new fav bikini and sunshine I’m basking in.

  3. Rereading some Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
    An original chingona.

  4. Latinas/Mujeres

    The Mecha/UFW eagle never looked so good. 

    Latinas in community with each other are a force to be reckoned with. 

    Taking back our tags!

  5. May day 2009. 

    Latinas do things. 

    We are not objects, fetishes, or exotic play things. 

    We are dangerous. 

    Take back our tags.

  6. OH HELL NO!!!

    I like you ASOS but this is not okay. 

    Let’s email these motherfuckers and let them know this is not okay. 

    Fucking commodifying, appropriating asses. White folks do not get to parade around in the symbolism and cultural markers of my heritage. 

  7. alamaquina:

    By Mincho Vega

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    All while yelling to everybody, “¡cállanse! ¡baja el volumen!”

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  10. versosdeliberacion:

    jajajaja… my mom does this all the time!

    Better yet, comes into the bathroom while you are in the shower to talk about groceries or what your cousin did according to your tia. And when you yell at her to leave she says, mija I have the same nalgas ok? and walks out. 

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