Please help prevent Dorian’s eviction! Calls needed.

Dorian Taylor from Portland, Oregon is facing eviction TODAY.


Dorian Taylor is a friend, comrade, afro-punk, anti-authoritarian, queer, feminist, and anti-racist organizer who hails from Texas and resides in Portland, Oregon. She shares her life and travels with her animal companion, a Jack-Rat Terrier, named Cletus. He currently assists her while she receives treatment, in New York. You can see Dorian in this video about Shit People say to Sick and Disabled Queers. 

Dorian needs our help! Dorian’s housing management Shaver Green has started the eviction process. Because Dorian uses a wheelchair and needs accommodations Shaver Green is claiming Dorian has been negligent in her home and refuses to pay for making any accommodations to her apartment of four years. Through a weird legal loop hole they can refuse these changes because she wasn’t using a chair when she moved in and they want her to pay for part of her accommodation costs. 

As you can see here as she demonstrates getting in and out of the shower, Dorian’s home is dangerous and needs these changes. Instead she has been targeted by management for such things as not cleaning her bathroom mirror thoroughly or damage to the doorway they refuse to expand to ADA code. Dorian has friends and community clean her place regularly so this type of concern is a way of micromanaging the areas of her apartment that she can’t clean regularly or safely. I’ve been to her home, there is no reason for concerns by management. Due to legal issues and arrest record (for demanding her rights to medical care) finding new housing will be very difficult. 

Please call Shaver Green and ask that they stop the eviction process of Dorian Taylor.  If you can’t call and have the ability to donate, please use this link to donate to Dorian’s ongoing fundraiser for medical, housing, and legal costs. 


They have halted the eviction for now after they came for an inspection. The 3rd party inspector deemed the apartment fine but advised that now is the time to put pressure on Shaver Green to make the changes to Dorian’s apartment that she needs. That said this is just a halt, an eviction has been threatened before and may be again.

From Dorian:

Please call Shaver Green at 503-282-2769 Pinnacle property management at 206 215 9700. The name they know is  MONICA TAYLOR. Please call ASAP. As always you can donate at the link above as their are legal procedures coming up that are costly.

Thanks and keep reblogging! 

An interesting convo is happening in the femme realness group on fb about who gets to claim femme identity (primarily, can straight folks access it) and I threw in my two cents. Myself and a couple others referenced that femme/femme realness has historical ties/origins to qwoc and gender no-conforming/trans folks of color.  Someone  asked for more info and readings but for the life of me, I can’t find any of what I’ve read before on this when i’ve searched briefly.  I’m getting a migraine so I didn’t have the spoons right now to research but if anyone has good articles, posts, readings, clips, titles, etc to recommend I’d very much appreciate it.


I know that asking folks for money over and over can feel insulting as many of us have very little to nothing to give from the start but in the off chance you have some extra means right now, please consider helping Dustina and Jennifer. This wonderful qpoc couple based out of Portland with their two kids, need help. Dustina is a fighter, a tireless advocate for survivors, and an outspoken queer fat woman of color who has not only gone above and beyond for her community but has personally been there for my family a great deal. I will be donating as soon as I get paid. Please spread this far and wide! 

Some unedited thoughts on femmeness.

I haven’t been on tumblr a lot lately but today while scanning a bunch of posts I realized quickly how much I don’t care about white femmes. I mean I’m sure folks are lovely but I only have time to cultivate femmes of color community in my life. Part of this is frustration in what happened in the femmes united group here in Portland (folks being really divisive and defensive around racial justice accountability) and partly in that I just don’t think my femme identity can be separate from my poc identity politics. While this is probably obvious to lots of femmes of color, it just became concrete to me that like my feminism versus womanism, I just don’t think white femmes and femmes of color share enough for me to think of them as the same thing. At the end of the day, I guess I’m realizing that femmes of color have their community, culture, and identity  that femme identity alone just doesn’t have and I’m really ok with separating those two things and not seeking out anything but femmes of color community.